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Female Progressive-metaller - a singer and songwriter living by turns in Germany, London, USA and Slovakia. Her music combines temperament and unpredictability, orchestral and theatrical monumentality and playful bitterness of language.

|Snovonne’s Music|
A brave mix of temper and heavy riffs with fragile and heart-breaking melodies. Pure elegance in all the dark shades full of expression and emotion. Every word she writes and each note she sings is lived through to the bone. This authenticity makes the Sno-fans personally relate to her – they even translate the lyrics into different languages and present them on their profiles as something that defines their personality. Rock and metal is where Sno feels at home but she usually mixes in elements from different genres. As she says: "it’s depending on what the song needs".

|It’s Sno, Baby - Not Sugar|
Was recorded by Sno at her home studio in London. She spent the last days of 2009 in Hannover, Germany with Jan Nemec (Magic Minds Music, worked with Celtic Frost, Grave Digger, Running Wild) mixing and mastering the album. "My Sweet Fiend", the twisted rock epic, was post-produced by Ryan Chapin and Chris Domingo (Global Mastering, FL, USA) who’ve achieved a Grammy award for one of Seal’s albums.

|The Nightmare Bride|
Album is a finely tuned, darkly gothic concept album based around our deepest human dreams and fears. Hard rock and thrash elements combine beautifully with Sno’s soaring vocals to create a deeply melodic but heavy sound. The album contains 17 tracks including two singles The Difference and Puppet's Lyric. Both of these songs were released with official video. It also features a unique cover of Sick of It All’s Evil Schemer endorsed by Armand Majidi from the band. Continuing the heavy-hitter endorsement theme, the album also includes a duet on Ill Will with Bjorn Strid of Swedish death metal giants Soilwork confirming Snovonne’s metal credentials.

‘The Nightmare Bride,’ is released by Rogue Records America / SORE Media and Snovonne is presenting the concept live on the Wedding tour 2012.
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